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This was really cool. It spoke to me and I relate to the story, don't really know how to explain it, when you're experiencing art sometimes it can't be explained. Gave me goosebumps. Also the artstyle sort of reminds me of Parappa the Rapper lol

Wow man, you've made lot's of top quality shiz and I think this is probably your masterpiece. Had me laughing for a good 2 minutes and 19 seconds. Especially the end made me have to go take a dump. Righto m8 cya

Actually my art is schnit.

No but really I just see art as a form of communication to express our ideas consciously and subconsciously. And for most people on the internet - to entertain others, then it's onto the next thing for monkey to clap its hands at. Bye.

dylan responds:

"let me be your ruler"

- beyoncé, 2013

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wait a minute... this is a rip off of Resident Evil!

not a bad game, kind of clunky but it has a solid design. Good job, also I like the dark futuristic theme

Really cool game. I'm surprised this is possible on a browser.

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They never knew your hidden power: HEAVY METALLL

BERSERKYD responds:

Sometime I wish I could just put a damn solo in their stupid head to shut them down xD ! Right on !! Thanks !

Gangster hip hopperton. I can't help but visualize Porky Pig with a dew rag when I'm listening to this

Since you were featured on DPP I finally know you're the guy that does all the music, this is a really good one I'd always hear during the break and be like who hell makes this?? Thanks for all this rockin shit brother and I think it's badass you have a harem of women lol

BERSERKYD responds:

I'm totally Zhe guy ! Thanks a lot brother !!

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god fuck you speedosausage ur gay

Speedo responds:


Your art am so cool. But also I become scared and cannot sleep on pillows made of stone. Where is my prince do roam?

Really awesome colors. I always thought the primary blue looked pretty ugly and you've remedied that completely. What a beautiful hedgehog.

Thanks for checking out my page! I post everything a day early on my site, Facebook, and Twitter, so be sure to like/follow that stuff! All of my art can be found in HD on my website!

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